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Take advantage of studying with chapter members who share the same problems and situations: administration, compliance, sound management and research timeliness. Today's payroll department needs professionals to run it. The New York Metro Chapter can help you achieve your goal. In fact, Chapter members are the instructors in the New York City colleges offering PayTrain Fundamental and Mastery Courses (under the auspices of the Holmes Corporation and the American Payroll Association). View more information


 National Payroll Week Leadership Conference

September 28th 2018

CPP or FPC Exam Preparation - Fall 2018

If you have made your commitment to become certified in the spring, you will want to begin your preparations for the exam today!!  The holidays have just begun and they are guaranteed to get in the way of your study schedule. So let's get started!!

The APA NY Metro Chapter is here to provide you with the assistance you need to prepare for the CPP or FPC exam.  The upcoming Fall 2018 exam period for North America runs from September 15 - October 13, 2018. Test registration opens on July 10 - October 12, 2018. Please note that the Fall 2018 test will use all limitations in effect on January 1, 2018.

Before you register for the exam you must read the certification CPP or FPC handbook published by the Certification Board of the American Payroll Association to make sure you qualify to take the exam. You can obtain a copy of the handbook by downloading it from the National APA website at  www.americanpayroll.org/certi.html  or by calling the Certification Office of the APA at  (210) 226-4600 .  Once you confirm that you qualify you will want to read all other information available to you on the website.  We then urge you to register for your preferred test date early to secure your spot. 

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Summer Paytrain

New York Institute of Technology is partnering with American Payroll Association to offer the PayTrain Fundamentals and Mastery courses in Manhattan and Long Island. 

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